Robot solutions are a very important part of the PacDrive product line, designed to meet the rapidly growing robot application design needs.图片1.jpg

Robot solutions are a very important part of the PacDrive product line, designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for integrated robot design. Use Lexium 52 or Lexium 62 servo drive system to fully integrate the robot motion model and multi-axis control into the PacDrive3 automation solution. Users can use the PacDrive3LMC motion controller to freely choose the robot function block program structure that complies with IEC 61131-3. The unified program template makes the user's learning cycle very short, allowing the user to focus on the actual motion programming tasks. PacDrive3 robots can provide complete robot solutions without requiring customers to integrate third-party products. Users can freely choose Delta2 or Delta3 robots to meet the needs of different applications. All robot series can be easily and quickly debugged.


The PacDrive3 robot series integrates robot solutions into a standard level:
A project only needs a controller and a development platform to debug the entire robot or multiple robot devices.
The entire system uses standard LMC motion controllers, Lexium servo drives and servo motors. No need to integrate third-party products.
SoMachineMotion is a development tool of the PacDrive3 series of standards, and the programming structure conforms to the IEC 61131-3 standard
Provide complete technical support and after-sales service to ensure the feasibility of the customer's overall solution.


图片3.jpgPerformance advantages:
High load capacity
Wider working range
High protection level
Streamlined mechanical design
3 or 4 degrees of freedom
Pre-installed and pre-connected, compact structure designed for inverted installation
Free choice of standard servo motor SH3 / MH3, or integrated motor ILM62
Stainless steel housing anti-flushing (not applicable to D2 series)
Optional clean room (only for P4 series)
Full stainless steel mechanical arm and selection arm

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