Material handling control Material processing control Lifting control scheme

"CE-compliant lifting specific LMCeco
The "III" architecture is designed for medium and large-scale control applications. The system is embedded with a frequency converter to operate in torque control or speed / positioning mode. The system contains safety functions for emergency stop and equipment stop, these All functions are built-in Modicon
SLC safety controller.
The built-in Ethernet WebVisu feature enables the design of user-defined HTML 5 web pages within EcoStruxure ™ Machine Expert (formerly SoMachine) to generate a web-based, platform-independent visualization.

> Scalable and flexible system for economic solutions. > Openness and flexibility with multiple interconnection options. > Ready-to-use architecture with pre-configured PLC and HMI project templates. > The parts list and wiring diagram form a complete system documentation. > The equipment module is used to realize quick and easy system adaptation.
> A single software suite can build and maintain the entire system. > The embedded visualization function has unlimited platforms and user-defined web pages. > Complete remote access for programming, operation and monitoring.

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