China plc market development analysis

According to data, the Chinese plc market will reach 10 billion yuan by 2015. However, in such a large market, my domestic PLC has a smaller share in the market. Now it is better to do it in China: Delta, Yonghong, Fengwei of Taiwan and Heli, Xinjie, Xiamen Haiwei, etc. Taiwan brands have a history of more than ten years, so they have accumulated a certain number of customers. At present, the manufacturing industry is facing difficulties in reform and transformation. It is a good time for the development of domestic PLCs. The following is a list of some powerful PLC brands made in China.

Yonghong PLC
Yonghong PLC is a PLC product of Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd. Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 1992 by a group of engineers who have been engaged in PLC design and development for many years. Yonghong focuses on the high-function small and medium-sized and micro-PLC market, and the self-owned brand "FATEK" created has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.
In recent years, in the face of competition from many large manufacturers and changes in client applications, providing PLC products alone has been unable to meet market demand. On the other hand, Yonghong has occupied a considerable economic scale in the micro PLC market. It is not easy to grow at a high level. Therefore, in addition to PLC products, providing a more complete industrial automation solution is an issue facing Yonghong today.
The current specific development direction is still to first develop higher-function PLC to stabilize the core competitiveness, and at the same time actively develop motion controllers, human-machine interfaces, industrial power supplies, servo controllers, frequency converters and servo motors.

Delta PLC
The chairman of the Taiwanese electronics industry, Mr. Chonghua Zheng, founded Delta Electronics in 1972. He started the entrepreneurial journey with 15 people in order to get rid of the Japanese people to make their own components and build a Chinese national brand. . At that time, the small Delta Electronics squeezed hard, and it stood out from the fierce competition, and emerged in the industry.
The Delta Group not only "conquered" Japanese manufacturers, but also defeated European and American manufacturers to become the world's number one power supply manufacturer, the world's largest component manufacturer, and the world's largest computer industry peripheral product supplier. The rate of% to 40% continues to increase.
Delta Delta PLC Delta Group specially designed for the industrial automation field, to achieve digital computing operation of electronic devices. Delta PLC uses a programmable memory to store internal instructions for performing logical operations, sequential operations, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and can control various types through digital or analog input and output Type of machinery or production process.
Delta PLC is known for its high speed, robustness, and high reliability, and is widely used in various industrial automation machinery. In addition to the features of fast execution of program operations, rich instruction set, multiple expansion function cards and high cost performance, Delta PLC also supports multiple communication protocols to make the industrial automatic control system into a whole.
Various hardware devices with complete Delta PLC varieties can form a control system that can meet various requirements, and users do not have to design and make hardware devices by themselves. After the hardware is determined, the user does not need to change the PLC hardware equipment when the production process changes or the production equipment is updated, and only needs to adapt the program to meet the requirements. Therefore, in addition to being used for stand-alone control, PLC is also widely adopted in factory automation.

Holisys PLC
Beijing Hershey Group was founded in 1993. It is a high-tech enterprise group engaged in independent design, manufacturing and application of automation control system platforms and industry solutions. The Group has the national first-class qualification for system integration and is a national enterprise technology center. The company has more than 3,000 employees.
In the field of factory automation and machine automation, Hollysys has successively launched LM small PLC, LK large PLC, and MC series motion controllers independently developed in 2003. The products have passed CE certification and UL certification. Among them, LK large-scale PLC is the only large-scale PLC with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has obtained the "National Key New Product" certificate jointly issued by the four national ministries and commissions. The PLC and motion control products of Hollysys have been widely used in subway, mine, oil field, water treatment, machine equipment control industries.
In the domestic PLC market, Hollysys is still in a disadvantaged position regardless of the breadth of the product series, brand influence, and industry application experience. To this end, from the beginning Helishi has formulated a strategy of "rural surrounding cities". In order to find the blind spot of large companies 'business, Hollysys can make the business volume of Hollysys' PLC rapidly rise, and it can also check the performance of PLC.
Hollysys not only provides customers with PLC products, but also provides integrated solutions for series products and machine control such as motion controllers, human-machine interfaces, inverters, motors and drives, and provides customers with pre-sales program configuration and system optimization. 3. Technical consultation, programming guidance, complete system of sales, complete service of after-sales product maintenance, spare parts, and truly "tailor-made" for customers.

Ankong PLC
Ankong Technology was established in 1998 and is located in Shangdi Information Industry Base, Haidian Park, Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production, sales, after-sales and system integration of industrial-grade RTU products. Based on RTU technology, a number of professional classic products have been developed in the oil and gas and environmental online monitoring industry. The products are widely used in various links such as oil and gas exploitation, processing, pipeline transportation, storage and distribution, as well as online environmental monitoring, urban gas, water supply and heating, etc. It has been exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.
After the success of the product RTU dedicated for remote measurement and control, in 2004, the RockE series PLC of Ankong came out. From RTU to PLC, just like from oil and gas to many industries and fields, for safety control, this is a development idea, from point to line, then from line to surface, it can be described as a matter of course. Ankong has RTU development foundation and project experience, PLC research and development and production seems to be no longer a problem.
Ankong Technology has introduced a number of communication technologies to the RockE40 series PLC products, making its communication capabilities greatly improved compared to general PLC. RockE40 series PLC products can provide a variety of communication interfaces, such as: network, RS232, RS485, dial-up, radio station, etc., with corresponding communication equipment, can achieve the above-mentioned various communication methods. Due to the provision of communication expansion modules, in theory there is no limit to the number of communication interfaces.
In addition to the communication interface, RockE40 series PLC products also support a variety of standard communication protocols, such as: ModbusRTU, ModbusASCII, ModbusTCP, DNP3, etc. Since RockE40 supports C and C ++ programming, users can also easily implement custom communication protocols or provide customized communication protocols by our company.
At present, Ankong PLC products have been widely used in urban water supply and water treatment automation control, thermal network pipeline automation control, general industrial data collection and process control, hot water boiler, industrial steam boiler monitoring, open channel, sluice and water level detection control , Atmospheric environment and water quality monitoring, power system parameters telemetry remote control and many other fields.

Taian PLC
Taian Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established in Mainland China on July 1, 2000 by Taiwan ’s well-known multinational enterprise-Taiyuan Group ’s Antai International Investment (Singapore) Private Company. The company is located in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of US $ 24 million and a registered capital of US $ 16.5 million. The company has international standard workshops, first-class product quality and staff with professional knowledge. In the future, the target annual output value is expected to reach 2.5 billion yuan.
Currently, the company has a high-quality production, sales and R & D team of nearly 1,000 people. It produces, sells and develops a series of industrial control and low-voltage electrical and distribution products. It has two business units: components and electronics. The component business department has a complete production management level, high-level engineering automation technology, high-performance manufacturing equipment and a high-quality sales team. Its main production and sales of low-voltage electrical appliances, while producing power distribution products. Low-voltage electrical products have complete categories, reliable quality and reasonable prices, and are well received by users. Power distribution products have excellent performance and reasonable prices, and are widely recognized by the market. In order to meet the needs of the market, we are constantly developing new products to ensure strong competitiveness.
AP is a new generation of high-speed, high-quality programmable controller (PLC) newly developed by Taian Technology. It is suitable for small-scale equipment control. The small general-purpose PLC has rich communication functions. It can be directly connected to the computer through the USB communication port and high-speed counter, pulse output positioning control function. In addition, Taian also has TP03 series PLC, which is suitable for sock machines, flat knitting machines, weft feeders, water jet looms, winders, FAN and other occasions for conveying equipment, electronic equipment, etc.
Taian Technology has the most advanced complete equipment and assembly lines, and realizes decentralized control and centralized management centered on the latest control system. Its technical personnel have high-level electronic technology and rich experience, and are based on the latest electronic technology. According to the requirements of various production sites, more flexible and flexible production system devices can be provided. The industrial control products it produces have won the industry's recognition, and both production and sales are booming.

Fengwei PLC
Fengwei Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in Danshui Town, Taipei County in 1995, is one of the largest PLC manufacturers in Taiwan and one of the most widely used PLCs in Taiwan. Since its establishment, Feng Wei's R & D team has been devoted to the development and manufacture of programmable controller (PLC) products. Since its establishment, although facing the threat of competition from imported PLC products and the large domestic companies with strong financial resources competing to invest in the development of PLC, Fengwei is still supported by many users with strong performance and sales. Years continue to grow.
In addition, Feng Wei has a technical support department to provide product technical consultation services for guests. In 2005, Fengzhang International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established to provide Fengwei PLC product sales and technical support services in the mainland. At the same time, the expansion of overseas markets will also be Feng Wei's focus. The Feng Wei team upholds the love and persistence of PLC, in addition to enhancing the functions on the original system.
Fengwei's products are characterized by being close to the market, innovative and practical, and are well received by customers for their complete functions and stable performance. The use of Fengwei PLC is more similar to Mitsubishi plc, so it is very convenient to learn. It has various special functions for practical needs, and has advantages in function or price compared to other PLCs. Each Fengwei PLC is equipped with the industry's first multi-function display screen, which can tell the operator the operation status of the machine in a timely manner. Without additional cost. Feng Wei provides an innovative connector type PLC. Compared with a terminal block type PLC, it can effectively reduce wiring man-hours, reduce wiring errors, and make machine maintenance simple and convenient. When used in large quantities, the effect is particularly significant. Three series PLCs of VH, VBO, VB2.

Nantao Aotuo PLC
Nanda Auto Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008 and stationed in the Nanjing University-Gulou University National University Science Park. It is committed to independent research and development of reliable industrial performance, excellent quality, advanced technology and advanced industrial control products. Products with completely independent intellectual property rights cover programmable controllers, man-machine interfaces, frequency converters, servo systems, configuration software, etc., and provide overall solutions for automation products for users in various industries. At the same time, the company actively cooperates closely with scientific research institutes and industry users to jointly develop enterprise management information systems based on industry automation solutions.
Nanda Auto has independently developed and produced a full range of large, medium and small programmable controllers NA600, NA400, NA200. Products with completely independent intellectual property rights cover human-machine interfaces, inverters, servo systems, configuration software, etc., providing automation for users in various industries The overall solution of the product. At the same time, the company actively cooperates closely with scientific research institutes and industry users to jointly develop enterprise management information systems based on industry automation solutions.
The NA series programmable controller is the latest generation of control device developed by Nanda Auto Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts a series of latest achievements in the field of industrial control and selects a brand-new software and hardware platform, which has fast processing capability and powerful Anti-jamming performance, flexible and extensible functions, adapt to complex environments and processing requirements. The product has passed the CE certification, FC certification and strict testing and inspection of the power industry automation system quality inspection and testing center of the power industry, and each performance index has reached or exceeded the relevant standard requirements.
As a R & D and production enterprise of China-made PLC with completely independent intellectual property rights, Nanda Auto Extension Jiangsu Co., Ltd. has broken the monopoly of world-famous enterprises on the Chinese PLC mid-to-high-end market, and has been highly concerned by Jiangsu and Nanjing governments at all levels It has been supported by more than ten government funds including Nanjing Municipal Small and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, Jiangsu Province Small and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprise Innovation Fund, Jiangsu Province Modern Service Industry (Software) Special Fund and National Small and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprise Innovation Fund.

Xinjie PLC
As one of the earliest participants in the industrial control market in China, Xinjie Electric has long focused on the improvement of the automation level in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. The main products are programmable controller (PLC), human-machine interface (hmi), servo control system, variable frequency drive, intelligent machine vision system, industrial robot and other product series and a complete set of automation equipment. Products are widely used in various automation fields, including aerospace, solar, wind power, nuclear power, tunnel engineering, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, power equipment, coal mine equipment, central air conditioning, environmental protection engineering and other control-related industries and fields. Xinjie Electric's main business model is to customize personalized automation solutions for users, so as to realize the growth of corporate value and customer value. The company has become a partner in the construction of many key national projects, and has officially applied Xinjie products in key national engineering projects such as the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai Industry Fair.
Wuxi Xinjie PLC products now have XC series and XD series, which are mainly used in textile industry, machine tool industry, packaging machinery industry, food machinery industry, HVAC industry, rubber industry, mining industry, plastic machinery industry, printing industry, automobile Manufacturing industry, etc. Each series of products covers standard, economical, enhanced, basic, motion control, high-performance and other products for users to choose.
As the representative enterprise of domestic PLC, Xinjie's PLC mainly has the advantage of being able to apply C language on the trapezoidal way, integrating motion control, with a more secure program confidentiality function and rich software component capacity and types, and fast processing. Speed and I / O switching are more convenient for users.
Xinjie Electric is committed to exquisite and sincere, with aggressive team spirit and efficient action to transform cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements into simple and easy-to-use automation products, serving various automation fields. In terms of products and services, Xinjie Electric provides localized services for customers.

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